Acrilex Manufactures and Distributes Custom
Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Barrier Shields 

Acrilex is your source for manufacturing custom sneeze guards and barrier shields to keep coworkers, students, customers, and others safe in a closed environment.

We can customize Safety Shields to fit your unique environment. Acrilex offers guards and barriers in clear plastic sheets (acrylic, polycarbonate, PETG) and are available in many sheet sizes and thicknesses for you to choose from. They are usually transparent but can also be produced in a number of colors and opacities. For any interaction needs such as exchanging payments, cards or documents, the items can easily be transferred through small slots usually located at the bottom of the shield so interpersonal experiences can be as safe as possible.

All acrylic sheet products are available in full sheet sizes or cut to size to your specifications.

We also have in-house design, manufacturing and fabrication capabilities to provide customizations such as cut-outs, slots, stabilization brackets, and so much more.

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