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Bullet Resistant Sheet

Acrilex offers a wide selection of UL listed Bullet Resistant Sheet in both Acrylic and Polycarbonate.  Available in Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 to Level 6 multi-shot ballistic grades, Acrilex provides the necessary materials for your toughest security and protection requirements.

Acrylic & Polycarbonate offer advantages such as optical transparency, impact resistance, light weight compared to glass (half the weight), ease of fabrication and installation.  Ballistic grade sheets made of plastic are tough, durable, scratch resistant, and won’t send flying shards of razor sharp glass in the event of attack or catastrophe.

Applications include:

  • Bank Windows
  • Convenience store/gas station cashier glazing
  • Courtroom/Judges bench shields
  • Embassy Windows
  • Military/Police face shields
  • Military Vehicle Windows
  • Prison/detention center glazing
  • Riot shields
  • VIP Vehicle Windows
  • Weather rated Windows (flying debris)
  • Security Entryways
  • Armored Car Construction


Plaskolite HYGARD BR Ballistic Grade Sheet

Hygard® General Product Information Download
HYGARD® BR Ballistic Grade Polycarbonate Sheet Download
Hygard® MS1250 Multi Shot Protection Ballistic Grade Sheet Download
Hygard® CG750 Containment Grade Polycarbonate Sheet Download
Hygard® CG500 Containment Grade Polycarbonate Sheet Download
Hygard® CG375 Containment Grade Polycarbonate Sheet Download
Hygard® BR1250 Level 3 Ballistic Glazing Download
Hygard® BR1000 Level 2 Ballistic Glazing Download
Hygard® BR750 Level 1 Ballistic Glazing Download
Hygard® Laminated Sheet SDS Download

Polycast Bullet Resistant Sheet

Polycast® Cell Cast Acrylic Bullet Resistant Sheet Download

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