Chemcast® EcoGreen for Eco-Friendly Acrylic Sheet Projects

Chemcast® EcoGreen is a cell cast acrylic sheet produced 100% with pre- and post-consumer acrylic waste, adding crucial value to the acrylic supply chain.

Chemcast® EcoGreen produces a sustainable edge for eco-friendly projects. Other benefits include improved optical properties and high-quality surface characteristics, for indoor and outdoor applications such as windows, sculptures, outdoor signage to name a few. It offers flexible fabrication equal to general purpose acrylic sheet. Common applications include Museum Displays, Retail DisplaysInterior DesignFurniturePoint-of-Purchase Displays, Graphics, Signage, and Architectural Projects.

Eco Green Chemcast® looks, performs, fabricates, and lasts as long as standard virgin synthetic acrylics. It fabricates just as general purpose acrylic sheets do.

EcoGreen has similar mechanical and physical properties as cast acrylic sheets produced with synthetic monomer methyl methacrylate. It offers light transmittance above 92% and provides the basis for LEED v4.1 points.

Recycled materials decrease our carbon footprint on this planet. That is why Acrilex carries Chemcast® EcoGreen 100% Recycled Cell Cast Acrylic.

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