Clear Acrylic Sheet

clear acrylic sheet

Acrylic (PMMA) or as is commonly referred to as “plexiglass” is an excellent alternative to glass. It is available in sheets, rods, and tubes both clear and standard colors. Advantages that clear acrylic sheet has over glass is it weighs half as much as glass, has as good or better optical properties, and is available in various thicknesses, sizes and colors. The two most common methods of manufacturing Acrylic sheet, rod and tube are cell cast pouring liquid PMMA into a mold and extrusion, where PMMA pellets are melted and fed through a die head and a series of rollers. All acrylic products are formable and easily machined using common woodworking tools and fabrication techniques.

Approximately 95% of PMMA clear acrylic sheet is Ultraviolet Absorbing. Standard acrylic absorbs 90% of UV 425 nanometers and below. There is an enhanced version that absorbs 90% of UV 450 nanometers and lower. UV light between 425 and 450 nanometers is the most damaging to materials that yellow and degrade from UV light.

There is also an Ultraviolet transmitting acrylic sheet (UVT) that transmits 85% of UV 300 NM and above. This type of acrylic is used in tanning beds, animal habitats, greenhouses and medical treatment devices.

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Acrilex stocks and distributes the following plastics: ABS, Acrylic Sheet, Rod, Tube, Polycarbonate, PETG, Styrene, PVC foam board, Bullet Resistant, Military Specification (Mil Spec) and more. Acrilex is also a custom manufacturer of clear, colors and patterned acrylic sheet. In addition, Acrilex can provide the following services: Cut to size, edge polishing, CNC, and laser cutting.

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