ECO Awareness

Our Philosophy
At Acrilex, we take concern for the environment seriously, and have been concerned about this issue long before “being green” was of much concern to our industry. We are continually investing in techniques, technologies, and processes that allow Acrilex to reduce energy consumption, eliminate plastic waste to landfills, reuse as many items as possible, increase productivity, and promote a healthier environment. We consider our efforts to be important as we define our place in the green-stream.

What is “The Green Stream”?
“The Green Stream is the multi-level model which demonstrates eco-awareness and responsibility at all levels of the materials chain, which includes manufacturing of raw materials, distribution, utilization, consumption, reuse, disposal, and recycling. Which processes, take place at which level, to ensure the most eco-friendly and responsible approaches to being “Green” should be determined by where a company fits within “The Green Stream”. These approaches are still emerging, and the models for the green stream are still evolving as awareness and cooperation grows.”

Acrilex’s place in the Green Stream
Acrilex has two distinct facets to its business operations, which present opportunities at multiple levels to be a more environmentally friendly plastic products producer.

Energy efficiency:
Acrilex is continuously seeking novel ways of reducing our energy consumption, which is not only environmentally responsible, but is also an excellent way to save money. Some measures we have taken are:

  • To install remote controlled roll up steel doors between sections of our facility to better control heat loss during winter which occurs every time our shipping & receiving department load or unloads a truck. Additionally these same doors can be selectively opened to increase airflow in summer and eliminate the need for air conditioning.
  • We have installed 18 new thermostats throughout our facility to better maintain climate control, which includes our manufacturing areas and equipment.
  • We have installed plastic curtains at our loading docks to better control the loss of energy during loading and unloading at our loading docks.
  • Reduce our heating/cooling during nights and weekends when the facility is not in use, and employ frugal practices during hours of operation.

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