Polycarbonate Sheet Material

Polycarbonate sheet plastic is as clear as glass and 250 times stronger. It’s also 30 times stronger than acrylic sheets – offering a margin of safety that no other clear glazing material can beat. It is lightweight and requires less structural support compared to all-glass systems. Because of its impact resistance it is used in everything from golf cart windshields, riot protection shields, greenhouses, automotive parts, safety goggles, glazing and more.

Although polycarbonate sheeting is often more costly, it will save you in the long run due to its higher level of impact resistance compared to similar acrylic sheet products. Polycarbonate is less rigid than acrylic sheeting and can be bought in a variety of flexible grades, colors and tints.

Acrilex stocks Tuffak®, Monogal® in addition to others. Our fabrication department is ready to cut your material to your specifications. As shown below, Acrilex fabricated clear barriers made necessary after COVID for the DMV. These were CNC cut to the client’s specs out of 3/8” Clear Polycarbonate.

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