Retail Display Utilizing Plaskolite’s Mirrored Acrylic Sheet

A retail display executive approached Acrilex for 32’’ circles cut out of acrylic sheet.
She was interested in painting the discs by hand for #Pride until we showed her our standard acrylic colors samples. She picked purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red acrylic.

The retail store even had a carpenter on-site to build their retail displays. However, when we showed her how Acrilex could save them time over their in-house carpenter she went with us for fabrication as well as purchasing.

Once Acrilex did that job for her. She was very happy with our turnaround time and quality. So, she placed a second order in various bronzes and gray acrylic mirror in 32 inch discs which you see above. They made stunning flares to her retail environment.

Some of the properties of Acrylic Mirror that are so good for display houses are its
affordability over glass mirror. It is half the weight of glass mirror. It can be easily cut on a CNC machine or Laser machine. Furthermore, there is an extensive palette of colors to choose from, as seen on the right.

Fabbak® Plaskolite


Acrylic Mirror Sheet


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