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Acrilex Fabrication Focus: Why Choose Cut-To-Size.

Acrilex cut to size services provide manufacturers with a distinct advantage over in house material processing.  Acrilex has several Schelling saws that deliver precision and speed for industrial production of plastic sheet materials.  These machines can cut to size plastic sheets and parts in small or large quantities. Choose the exact size of the sheet or panel you need to complete your project without waste.
Cutting plastic to size with high quality is a challenge. The properties and the cost of these materials calls for purpose-built equipment in order to optimize cutting quality, protect sensitive surfaces and avoid scrap. Schelling saws provides tried and tested technology for this application. Robust construction prevents vibrations and torsions forces which is important for high precision. Some attributes of the Schelling saws:

  • Highly precise measurement
  • High cutting performance
  • Solid machine construction for vibration-free cuts
  • Cut to 5” (120mm) maximum material thickness
  • 5% chip-free results in a clean cut
  • Simple and ergonomic sheet handling
  • Variably adjustable saw-blade speed for the most varied sheet material

“Cut-To-Size is an essential function of the fabrication department.  Plastics require specific machinery to cut and minimize waste. We are plastic experts and save our customers time and money job after job.” – Dominic Procopio, Fabrication Engineer
Our team of engineers and saw operators will take your design requirements and program the machines to save time, maximize output, minimize waste.  Each one of these functions in turn saves our customers time and money.
To learn more about Acrilex’s Cut-To-Size fabrication services contact your nearest location and our sales engineers will discuss your project.