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Multiwall Acrylic & Polycarbonate Sheet Products

Acrilex Inc distributes multiwall sheet products from a variety of manufacturers of extruded polycarbonate and acrylic sheet. Multiwall panels are lightweight, energy efficient and easy to install solutions for durable glazing projects and are a preferred alternative to glass for architects, designers, contractors, commercial builders and DIYers.   While the outside surface offers the smooth, clean lines of a flat sheet, the multiwall cellular structure creates an insulating air space that dramatically increases its insulation characteristics. This results are substantially better energy efficiency than single-layer sheet. Lighter weight than corrugated acrylic or polycarbonate, and significantly lighter than glass, multiwall sheets are easy to handle and install for any DIY project, such as patio coverings, privacy partitions, backyard animal shelters, greenhouses and more.  Multiwall sheets easily withstands snow, ice, and extreme temperatures and offer long term warranties against the elements.
Typical Applications
  • Covered patios, pergolas and decks
  • Privacy partitions
  • Decorative room dividers
  • Greenhouses
  • Covered walkways
  • Swimming pool enclosures
  • Window glazing
  • Interior decor
  • Illuminated signage and backdrop
Main Benefits
  • High thermal insulation
  • Lighter weight than solid panels with excellent rigidity
  • Impact resistant
  • Available in clear for high light transmission
  • Excellent structural durability
  • Blocks virtually all UV radiation
  • Easy to handle and install
  • High fire rating
  • 10-year limited warranty
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SUNLITE® Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet Sell Sheet

SUNLITE® Plus Condensation Control Multiwall Polycarbonate

SUNLITE® 7 Multiwall Polycarbonate

SUNLITE® HG Multi-Wall structured Polycarbonate Textured Sheet

SUNLITE® Multiwall Polycarbonate Profiles

SUNLITE® Plus Multiwall Installation Greenhouses

ACRYLITE® 8mm and 16mm Resist double skin tech data

ACRYLITE® 8mm and 16mm Heatstop double skin tech data

ACRYLITE® Resist multi skin colors warranty

ACRYLITE® Resist multi skin clear warranty

ACRYLITE® Resist diffuse high-impact acrylic Sell Sheet (4011)

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