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Plastic Products

Military Spec Sheet

ACRYLITE® military spec sheet is made to exacting standards. Half the weight of glass with 10X times the impact resistance. ACRYLITE® military specification offers excellent optical characteristics, thickness tolerances, dimensional stability, and low internal stress levels for consistent performance. ACRYLITE® military specification sheet is weatherable and can be easily cut, machined, thermoformed, and cemented. All Roehm’s Mil Spec sheets are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9000.

helicopter cockpit ACRYLITE® GMU
ACRYLITE® GMU sheet is a cell cast acrylic sheet designed for general aviation and any applications where superior optics are required. GMU is manufactured using the same process and the exacting optical requirements as product manufactured to meet MIL- P-5425E and MIL- P-8184F. ACRYLITE® GMU sheet is the choice for projects needing high optics, formability, and ease of fabrication.
Helicopter dash panel ACRYLITE® GMS
ACRYLITE® GMS acrylic sheet meets all the requirements of MIL-P-5425E. GMS has a high optical quality, excellent sheet tolerance, combined with dimensional stability. It is manufactured to exacting standards reserved for aviation acrylic products. Applications include instrument panels, wingtip lenses, dust covers, helicopter bubbles and aircraft canopies.
Fighter Jet ACRYLITE® 249
ACRYLITE® 249 acrylic sheet meets and is certified to MIL-P-8184F. ACRYLITE® 249 is a cross-linked, lower water absorption cast acrylic sheet that has a high level of craze resistance. This specification requires optical quality cast acrylic sheet that is superior to conventional acrylic sheet. ACRYLITE® 249 sheet is used in a wide variety of aviation and ground vehicle transparencies.
Commercial airplane Acrylite 249 Mil PRF 25690
Acrylite 249 Mil PRF 25690 is a cross linked stretched acrylic sheet used primarily in the aviation industry for use in pressurized aircraft as well as numerous military platforms. This sheet offers the highest level of craze resistance and optical superiority of all the Mil Spec products manufactured.

Military Spec Aviation Glazing Brochure