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Museums and Acrylic

When an exhibit builder is called upon by a museum, they know that superior quality is high on the expectation list.
Acrylic sheet is the number one requested material when it comes to building displays to house priceless pieces of art.
The best attributes of acrylic are its outstanding strength, superior optical clarity, and ease of fabrication.
Acrylic sheet is easy to bond with adhesives and solvents. It can be vacuum formed, thermoformed, and has excellent weathering properties compared to other transparent plastic materials.

Clear acrylic is available in thickness’ starting as thin as .060 to as thick as 4” as a standard stocked material.
Sheet sizes also vary. Acrylic is available as an extruded sheet, which is made by feeding resin beads thru a hopper, which then is melted and pushed thru two calendar rolls resulting in tighter thickness tolerances. Cast acrylic offers the best optical clarity and has higher chemical resistance. It is poured between two pieces of glass, then submerged in a water bath to cure. Acrylic is also available with UV resistant properties or non-glare surfaces to safeguard art from the harmful effects of UV rays and harsh lighting.

Whichever material you choose to make museum display case and frames, know that Acrilex Inc. has got you covered. Contact us for your next acrylic project.

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