Is ABS the Same as Acrylic? ABS vs. Acrylic

Is ABS the Same as Acrylic? ABS vs. Acrylic ABS and acrylic are both sturdy plastics that have multiple uses in many different industries. There always seem to be questions when comparing acrylic and ABS or to other plastics. The most frequently asked questions include: Is ABS the same as acrylic? What’s the difference between […]

Military Spec Products

Fighter Jet ACRYLITE® 249

Certain plastic materials have been specified for use in both military and commercial components found on fighter jets, pressurized aircraft, helicopters, and more, for decades. To ensure consistent and reliable performance, military specifications have been developed. These durable, high-performance plastics must meet these exacting specifications for use in Aircraft transparencies, instrument panels and windows, required […]

Digital Printing on Acrylic

Digital UV printing uses ultraviolet lights to dry or cure ink as it is printed. UV cured inks are weather-resistant and offer increased-resistance to fading. This type of printing works for 8 ft. by 4 ft. plastic sheets, up to 2 inches thick, to be directly printed on. UV printing on acrylic plastic is often […]

The Acrylic Plastic Advantage

Acrylic plastic is a common building material that is often referred to as Plexiglass. This synthetic polymer is a versatile material with distinct advantages typically as a glass replacement. Acrylic plastics are used in a variety of different applications across industries including point-of-purchase displays, covid shields, windows, signage, furniture, aquariums, etc. Easy to Fabricate Easy […]

Chemcast® EcoGreen for Eco-Friendly Acrylic Sheet Projects

Chemcast® EcoGreen is a cell cast acrylic sheet produced 100% with pre- and post-consumer acrylic waste, adding crucial value to the acrylic supply chain. Chemcast® EcoGreen produces a sustainable edge for eco-friendly projects. Other benefits include improved optical properties and high-quality surface characteristics, for indoor and outdoor applications such as windows, sculptures, outdoor signage to […]

Acrylic Edge Polishing

Polishing Acrylic Edges When acrylic is cut mechanically, it often has rough edges, which is ok for applications where edges are not exposed.  However, for a finer, finished look to the plastics edge, many customers opt for a polished refined look. This is very popular when the plastic is being used as a stand-alone show piece. […]

What are ABS plastic sheets used for?

What are ABS plastic sheets used for? Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic is engineered thermoplastic material. It’s often called simply ABS plastic. Since the opaque raw material is versatile, there are a wide range of uses for niche industries. The most common usage is in the manufacture of 3D printing products and in the plastic injection […]

Polycarbonate Sheet Material

Polycarbonate sheet plastic is as clear as glass and 250 times stronger. It’s also 30 times stronger than acrylic sheets – offering a margin of safety that no other clear glazing material can beat. It is lightweight and requires less structural support compared to all-glass systems. Because of its impact resistance it is used in everything from […]

Modern Clear Markerboard

ACRYLITE® Acrylic Marker Board offers a smooth and glossy appearance while providing unsurpassed chemical and abrasion resistance. Say goodbye to residual ghosting and upgrade your office with ACRYLITE® dry erase board. It cleans easily and maintains its durability for years of continued use. At 10 to 20 times more impact resistant than glass, it is […]

ACRYLITE® Textures FFX and FFV

ACRYLITE® Textures FFX and FFV are both colorless acrylic with a decorative stippled texture (FFX) or a unique, wavy rippled surface texture (FFV) on both sides of the sheet. FFX and FFV offer all the advantages of acrylic. Also known in the industry as DP30 and DP32, the surface of ACRYLITE® Textures FFX/FFV diffuses the […]

PVC Foam Sheet

PVC Foam Sheet or expanded PVC is a versatile, durable, closed cell, free foam PVC sheet material that combines a rigid exterior with a matte finish covering a PVC foam core. The characteristics of expanded PVC‘s make it perfect for applications including signs and displays, exhibit booths, photo mounting, interior design, thermoforming, prototypes, model making, and much more. PVC Foam Sheet can […]

HDPE Cutting Board Material

High Density Polyethylene, known as HDPE, is an ideal plastic material for cutting boards because of its high impact strength, low moisture absorption, and strong chemical and corrosion resistance. Cutting boards made from premium HDPE sheet provide users with a solid, sanitary, easy to clean and maintain surface for food preparation and packaging.   HDPE […]

ACRYLITE® Satinice

Acrilex is a stocking dealer for ACRYLITE® products. ACRYLITE® Satinice optimum light diffusing acrylic products take advantage of special particles that diffuse light passing through the sheet. These particles, distributed throughout the material, work to eliminate hot spots. Light will be diffused and transmitted differently depending on the grade. The right balance between light diffusion […]

Retail Display Utilizing Plaskolite’s Mirrored Acrylic Sheet

A retail display executive approached Acrilex for 32’’ circles cut out of acrylic sheet. She was interested in painting the discs by hand for #Pride until we showed her our standard acrylic colors samples. She picked purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red acrylic. The retail store even had a carpenter on-site to build their […]

Chemcast® EcoGreen for Eco-Friendly Acrylic Sheet Projects

Chemcast® EcoGreen Chemcast® EcoGreen is a cell cast acrylic sheet produced 100% with pre- and post-consumer acrylic waste, adding crucial value to the acrylic supply chain. Chemcast EcoGreen produces a sustainable edge for eco-friendly projects. Other benefits include improved optical properties and high-quality surface characteristics for indoor and outdoor applications such as windows, sculpture, outdoor […]

Acrilex Fabrication Focus: Why Choose Cut-To-Size.

Acrilex cut to size services provide manufacturers with a distinct advantage over in house material processing.  Acrilex has several Schelling saws that deliver precision and speed for industrial production of plastic sheet materials.  These machines can cut to size plastic sheets and parts in small or large quantities. Choose the exact size of the sheet […]

Acrilex Plastics Celebrates our 50th Year Anniversary!

Founded in New Jersey in 1972 as a custom cast plastic sheet manufacturer, ACRILEX has evolved into a multi-location, commodity sheet distributor and precision-fabrication provider. ACRILEX is proud to announce the opening of  our new manufacturing and distribution center in Irvington New Jersey.  This location combines modern office space with our precision fabrication and distribution […]

ACRILEX is up and running in our new temporary office and warehouse locations!

September 10, 2021 (Jersey City, NJ) – Just three weeks after our fire incident, Acrilex is up and running with temporary offices located in The Meadowlands and our warehouse location on Mallory Ave in Jersey City. Our sales team is ready and available to help with your inquiries and orders. You can call the NJ office […]

Make a statement with color and clear acrylic mirror!

Features the industry’s toughest protective back-coating.   View product details Mirror acrylic sheets are especially suitable for: Decorative walls and panels, Tabletop covers, Interior design, P.O.P. displays  

We stock polycarbonate and acrylic sheet materials for your most demanding project needs.

Select from Acrilex’s durable sheet materials widely valued for commercial and industrial construction projects. We offer lightweight solutions with superior optical clarity and high-impact resistance. Select from our expansive product offerings: – Polycarbonate Sheet   – Multiwall   – Thick Gauge Acrylic – Frosted Partitions and Wall Dividers   An Acrilex team member is ready to work […]

Clear and White Markerboard – In Stock!

Clear and White Markerboard- ideal for contemporary message board applications Smooth finish with no residual ghosting, smearing, or staining Frameless design is economical, discreet, and modern for unlimited design Lightweight and safe for any area Alternative to conventional blackboard, no more messy chalk! Contact an account manager for pricing or request a quote. email:  |  call: 800-222-4680

Get Creative with digital print acrylic sheets

digital print acrylic sheets

Our digital print acrylic sheet options have enhanced adhesion properties for UV & Latex ink, making these sheets the go-to acrylic for flatbed printing. The optical clarity ensures color accuracy and vividness in every print and the sheet has a crystal clear edge for side exposure.  Especially suitable for: POP displays  – Architectural design  – Signage  […]

Create your own plastic with custom colored acrylic sheets!

colored acrylic sheets

Explore your options with Acriglas® custom colored acrylic sheets. Colored acrylic sheets are made to match any color sample and light transmission. We also custom manufacture Acriglas® Fluorescent Edge, Frosted, Glitter-Flake, Marble-Granite, Metallic and Pearlescent acrylic options. These sheets are ideal for point of purchase displays, store fixtures, lighting, signage, architecture applications and more.   […]

Acrilex Is Social!

We invite you to connect and follow us on LinkedIn. LinkedIn provides a useful forum for us to share industry news, tips, trends and product announcements while also staying connected with friends and associates as they move and grow. We are excited to network with you as we expand our business connections with customers, vendors and […]

Bullet Resistant Sheets are IN STOCK!

Acrilex offers a wide selection of Bullet Resistant Sheet in both Acrylic and Polycarbonate.  Sheets are Available in Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 6 multi-shot ballistic grades for your toughest security and protection requirements. Bullet Resistant Sheet is effective for high security environments: Bank Windows  Convenience Store/Gas Station   School Buildings  Courtroom […]

Mil-Spec Sheets – In Stock and Ready to Ship!

MIL-PRF-5425E      MIL-PRF-8184F      MIL-PRF-25690 Acrilex provides military specification grade plastic sheets made to exacting standards. We stock acrylic sheet products including: Mil PRF 5425E,.060 to 1.0 thickness Mil PRF 8184F, .060 to .500 thickness We can supply all sizes and thicknesses for your Mil PRF 5425E, Mil PRF 8184F and Mil PRF 25690 needs from our […]

Acrilex Stands Ready with Custom Acrylic Protective Barriers and Safety Shields

During the roller-coaster of the COVID-19 pandemic, Acrilex has been fortunate to have stayed on the ride despite all the bumps. Sadly, many businesses were negatively impacted and we hope that 2021 will bring with it some relief. Due to COVID 19 and the Corona virus, the need for plastic materials to use as protective […]

This Season’s Hottest Color! Rose Gold Now Available in Mirrored Acrylic

PLASKOLITE FABBACK Rose Gold Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Plaskolite introduces new elegant rose gold to the industry’s largest palette of designer colors Elegant and trendy look Contemporary and refined color ideal for retail point of purchase, consumer goods and jewelry fabrication FABBACK mirror acrylic sheet features the industry’s toughest protective back-coating All mirror acrylic colored sheet is covered with 3-mil laser cuttable film […]

Buildboard® by Acrilex – PVC Foamboard

Buildboard Foam PVC Exterior Sign

Buildboard® by Acrilex is a 1-1/2″ thick PVC foamboard that is ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor signs. With a typically 20% lower cost than HDU (High Density Urethane), the consistent core of Buildboard® makes it a perfect product for cutting, routing, and engraving; producing great edge definition, with less mess than an HDU […]

New Acrylite® Hi-Gloss Creates Additional Dimension to Acrylic Sheet

For high-end retail displays, architectural accents or furniture, ACRYLITE® Hi-Gloss provides the depth, luminosity and high-end gloss look at a fraction of the cost of similar solutions such as back-painted glass. Available in seven rich colors and three unique patterns, ACRYLITE® Hi-Gloss provides a stylish long lasting solution.