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Styrene HIPS

Polystyrene products, commonly referred to as Styrene or HIPS, are used in a wide variety of applications including thermoforming, fabricating, printing (silk-screen, flexographic, lithographic, and register grade), high gloss, chemical resistance, moisture barriers, marbleized, and two-color sheet. End uses include cosmetic displays and packaging, food and medical trays, back-lit signs, carrying cases, and horticulture trays. Styrene is extremely versatile, and its relatively low cost makes it ideal for many applications.

Durability to temperatures as low as -20F – Sterilization by ETO, gamma, or electron beam – No corrosive or noxious fumes – 100% recyclable – FDA approved silicone coating or denesting agent. – FDA compliance and traceability information included.

Coextruded Styrene is also available with a high gloss surface finish for decorative and display applications.

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Primex Plastics Corporation - High Impact Polystyrene Sheet (HIPS)

PRIME CLASSI-CARD ™ Rigid Styrene sheet Download
DIGI-HIPS® Styrene sheet for Digital Print Download
DIGI-HIPS® Styrene sheet Data Sheet Download
PRIME IMPAX™ 250 Food Grade Polystyrene Download
PRIME IMPAX™ 450 Standard Thermoforming Grade Polystyrene Download
PRIME IMPAX™ 650D Digital Print Grade UL94 HB Polystyrene Download
PRIME IMPAX™ 6450D FDA Compliant Digital Grade Polystyrene Download
PRIME CLEAR-X 200 Polystyrene for Packaging Download
PRIMEX PLASTICS Print Grade Materials Brochure Download
PRIME TEARTUF ™ Polystyrene for Art and Graphics Download

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